Lake George

Nestled in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, Lake George is known to be one of the cleanest large lakes in the world. Labeled "Queen of the American Lakes", it stretches approximately 32 miles and is as deep as 200 feet.

Rich in history, this beautiful lake is surrounded by mountains and a boater's paradise. Cruise on one of the lakes steam boats, parasail, visit one of the beaches or camp on an island! Have your own boat? Navigate to restaurants, relax in a bay, or watch the fireworks from the water.

The lake itself is surrounded by several villages and towns. On the south end of the lake is the Village of Lake George, a destination for tourists due to it's Million Dollar Beach, cruise ships like the famous Mini Ha-Ha Steamboat. During the summer, the village hosts weekly fireworks, concerts and special events like Elvis Festival, Americade, and the Antique Car Show. In the winter, the village hosts the Winter Carnival and several ice festival events.

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