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271 BURT RD, Moreau


• 1761 sq ft | 3 br | 2 ba
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Agent: Tammy Sutphin All-American Properties Listing



• 1100 sq ft | 2 br | 1 ba

16 East Boylston St, Glens Falls


• 1325 sq ft | 3 br | 2 ba
Agent: Susan Kassal All-American Properties Listing



• 1472 sq ft | 3 br | 2 ba

21 HUNT AV, Fort Edward


• 1488 sq ft | 4 br | 1 ba
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Agent: Janet DiManno All-American Properties Listing

10 HUDSON PL, Hudson Falls


• 3994 sq ft | 4 units

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Our Newest Blog Post

Stage Right

- 01/25/2019

Anyone who has ever watched the myriad of home buying and renovation shows that make up HGTV knows just how unappealing dated décor and cluttering tchotchkes can be in a home. A person might be able to look past shag carpeting and *gasp* the dreaded paint color (seriously though, why do people have such a hard time looking past paint color?), but the main goal of an open house or a showing is allowing the potential buyer to put themselves in your shoes and see themselves living in your home. If your living room is bursting with ceramic angels, or your kitchen is a knick-knack paradise, it will be harder for a buyer to be able to see themselves settling down for movie night or having friends over for dinner. This isn’t to say that your personal style is bad, but it is personal. My house is overflowing with books to the point that any sane person would say “Whoops, I didn’t realize I stumbled into a library” and hightail it out of there. The point of staging is to…