Agent Spotlight: Brad Laustrup

This edition of the agent spotlight focuses on our very own Bradley Laustrup. Brad joined the team at All-American Properties a year ago in September of 2018, and has been an invaluable part of our company ever since.

Photo by Susan Kassal

                Brad decided to become involved in real estate for many of the same reasons that most agents are drawn to the business: flexible hours and the ability to make anywhere you are your temporary office (with a WiFi connection, of course). He also became an agent because, as he says, “I take pride in being an advocate for my clients and helping them with buying and selling a house. I want to make the American dream a reality!” As for what drew Brad to All-American Properties to begin with, he comes from a line of small-business supporters. “My father was a small business owner, and I have always been drawn to support local businesses.” As for what specifically appealed to Brad about AAP? “It’s no coincidence that the office building looks like a home. The agents act like a family and are supportive of one another. There is usually someone in the office working and someone who is there for support if you have a question. I could also tell that All-American Properties paid attention to the details, understanding how they all add up and doing everything they can to benefit the clients.”

A stunning drone shot of one of our properties

                In addition to his dedication to helping all of his customers find the home of their dreams, Brad’s innovative ideas are helping All-American Properties to offer not just his but all of its customers outstanding opportunities when listing their houses. Several months ago, Brad approached Ted Wilson, broker/owner of the company, with an idea. He wanted to use drones and professional photography equipment to make our property listings stand out. Since that time, Brad and his business partner Frank Cavone have been helping to make stunning virtual tours and still photos of properties for the company, helping to make our customer’s listing experience with AAP that much more extraordinary.

Photo by Susan Kassal

                When he is not being a super-agent, Brad has many hobbies he like to do to unwind in the area. He takes advantage of our local Adirondack scenery by hiking, fishing, and swimming in the beautiful lakes our area has to offer. He loves to go to local restaurant Bistro LeRoux for a bite to eat, and volunteers for several events with the Queensbury Masonic Lodge, including the Balloon Festival that is coming up soon! When he isn’t working or exploring our area, Brad enjoys playing classical, rock, and folk music on his acoustic guitar and listening to live music whenever possible.