Real Estate Wanted!

Our agents have buyers ready to purchase, and have exhausted the very low inventory in our area. Thinking of selling? We may already have a buyer! Here are just a few below!

  • 4BR+ Updated/Renovated/Newer home in QBRY 400-500K
  • 3BR+ home in Neighborhood, SQF or Northern QBRY
  • 4BR+ home in QBRY under 230K
  • 2BR+ home in Lake George Village under 250K (Cash buyer)

Contact Susan Kassal

  • 2-family home or townhouse under $200K SGF, Gf, QBRY, HF
  • 2BR+, low maintenance, $150K range GF, QBRY
  • 4BR, 2BA $160K range , Argyle, HF, FE, Fort Ann, Greenwich 
  • 2-3BR in Warrensburg $100K range
  • 2-3BR in Warrensburg, secluded and a little land $150K range
  • 4BR , 10+ acres, near Fairhaven VT, Whitehall/Hampton $300K

Contact Cindy Auer

  • 4BR 2BA GF School District (preferably with a finished basement)
  • 3BR+ 1-1/2+ BA from Saratoga to QBRY Area
  • 3BR+ 1-1/2+ BA Townhouse in GF or QBRY with HOA

Contact Brad Laustrup

  • 5-6 BR QBRY, GF, SGF, HF, KBRY <325K
  • 3BR QBRY, GF, SGF <260K
  • 2BR Warrensburg & North within 30 min (not in the village) <100K w/ privacy/land
  • 2BR Townhome 1st floor bed/bath/laundry <150K QBRY/GF
  • 2BR, 1st floor bed/bath/laundry, in country setting <170 (35 min from exit 16)
  • Fixer-uppers <80K QBRY, GF, SGF, HF
  • QBRY home with 1st floor BR, on the golf course <500K

Contact Bonnisue Neil